Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rename the Husband Contest

Today, November 11, is our 15 year wedding anniversary.  (Yes, I was a child bride.)  I figured the date would be hard to forget, because for one, it was 11/11/95 and two, it's Remembrance Day.(It is still possible to forget, though, and if you  think you can hear  "Oh *$#@!" as you read this, H1 is also reading this and realizing he has forgotten. ) Little bonus - always a stat holiday on our anniversary.  Look how young we were:

Recently, H1 figured out how to access my blog.  He thought it was all very funny , particularly Finger Knitting, and SOS Batman , however, he didn't care for the name H1. In fact, he has threatened to start looking for W2, a couple of times. I think he's kidding. Just to be safe, and in honour of our 15 years of wedded bliss, I will do something to make him happy.  I will hold a "Name My Blog Husband Contest".  (If you thought I was going to say something else, you need to get your mind out of the gutter.  Or not.  I am just recognizing  you as dirty!) If you are the one person reading this blog that doesn't actually know him, here's what you need to know about him (and thanks for reading my blog, One Person that doesn't know us):

He is very charming, funny and interesting.  He is from Nova Scotia. He does things like build Lego tables with/for the boys.

He is a plumber, and runs his own business. I tell him what to do all the time and he ignores most of it until he thinks I am not paying attention. 

He is also a bit accident prone. He once got his head stuck in a house, his upper arm impaled to (impaled on or impaled to? Not sure.) his work van and falls down on a consistent basis, especially if there is a puddle of water in which to land.

Lately, he is obsessed with marbles.

That's all you need to know to get started! Whomever comes up with the best name wins!  No, you don't win anything good like an iPod, unless you want one that doesn't work (see Where's All My Stuff? ).  I will pick my favorite name and use that from now on, or start calling him by his real name, whichever I like better.   Fun!


Carlene said...

I suggest these ideas:

Plumber Boi
Marbles Man

Deb said...

Ooooh, I like!

Maryann said...

Don't you remember how hard it was to name the running group...pressure! We'll need to run to talk this one through but here's some suggestions:
* Pipe Papa
* Drain Surgeon
* Mr. No-Crack
* Drain-O-Husby
* DrainDad
* The Groom
* Drain Darling

Deb said...

All excellent! I may need to design a spreadsheet with weightings and complicated formulas to make this decision.

Chris said...

Oh, I almost feel bad for H1 because I am gonna play too... hee hee... how about:

Mr Remembery (in honour of your forgotten anniversary)

Mr Poopy Pants (only 'cause I like to say it - no connection really)

Guy with the hot sister-in-law...

Mr. Level-jumper - totally kidding, but again, fun to say... please don't hate me H1

Deb said...

Ha, haa! He says he is not mr. Remembery - he didn't forget, he just didn't say anything. It was like a secret anniversary wish. I feel another post coming on - so much material!

Anonymous said...

I'm still sticking with my original suggestion of PHD (plumber, husband, dad). But I'm sure that I can come up with a few others....

Anonymous said...

Ok a couple more..... Poncho (from a particular park picnic) or of course ponch for short!

MP - which could stand for master plumber, mom pleaser, mr. pipe, multi purpose, money pants, more please, mac pimp... you get the idea :)

Smac - the combination of Shawn&MacFadden and as an added bonus its the sound of everytime you have to crack him upside of the head (sorry shawn!!)

Deb said...

So many great ideas. I think I might have to try each out for a few hours and see how well it fits. Maybe it will be a simple process of elimination - ie "Shawn is this better or worse than H1?" This is fun!!