Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with Halloween.  I am afraid to discuss it with Halloween in case I get egged or TPed, but I don't care for it much.  Boy 2's buddy calls it Helloweenie.  Very efficient, I thought, fitting two inappropriate words into one long one. Also apt, because people seem to think that when they are dressed in costumes they can act like weenies. However, the kids like Halloween so much it is hard to hang onto the hate.  Boy 1 called this the best three days of his life - Friday was a Halloween dance at school.  Saturday was a Huskies basketball game and Sunday, of course, is trick or treating.

Friday night we (well, the boys and I, H1 was being a spoilsport) dressed up.  Boy 1 was Hades, Boy 2 was Mickey Mouse. I put on a Spiderman mask and called myself "Spidermom".  H1 told me the mask was sexy which prompted me to say, "Why, because my face is covered??  What is that?  Are you going to call me fat next?" Only sort of kidding...We grabbed burgers and sat down in the hallway to eat while the boys took off.  Next thing I see is Hades running by full tilt, and sliding down the hall to come to rest at the principal's feet.  He got a bit of what for after which the principal looks up to see Hades' parents sitting on the sidelines, eating burgers and watching the misbehaviour, like they are spectators at a ball game.  Any more questions about the root cause of the behavior problems at the MacFuddle house?  No?  Good, let's move on!

On Saturday, we went to the Huskie basketball game.  Having a great time, kids are running around, I am visiting with my friends, until Boy 2 shows up like this:

He says he got his foot stuck in the railing and the shoe came off when he pulled his foot out.  It (the shoe, not his foot) fell beside the court.  We had to run up and down stairs and ask a variety of staff for a while.  We found the shoe with a 20 year old Mean Girl who told him he because he kicked his shoe on the court he wasn't allowed to be anywhere but with his mom for the rest of the night. He started crying. I asked Mean Girl if she saw him kick it because he said it was an accident.  She did that "Whatever" sniff, shoulder shrug thing and turned her back on me.  I hate Mean Girl.  I might call her Hellomeenie. That'll teach her.

We took a bad picture of the big Huskie dog on our way out.  Always fun.

On Sunday we carved pumpkins and waited for something exciting to happen.

 Boy 2 favors the punched out eyes while Boy 1 likes a more traditional Jack o lantern.

This was what we did in 2005, our best work to date.  I even got to use H1's electric drill to make polka dots on a curvy pumpkin:

The boys passed the rest of the afternoon by saying, "How much longer until the cousins get here?" every ten seconds or so. We have a little tradition on Halloween, my sisters bring their kids over, we order pizza for supper, take 1004 pictures then hit the streets for treats.  Boy 1 unexpectedly  had some friends come over and take him trick or treating  which threw off the schedule so much that I didn't even get a picture of him in his Hades costume!  He said he will get dressed up again and we will take a picture some day when we have nothing else to do.  Maybe over the Christmas holidays.  Boy 2 and my 2 nephews hit the streets like this (my sister Chris took these two pics and I borrowed them from facebook so they are a bit blurry):

Good looking boys, aren't they?

My adorable little niece was dressed like an Ewok but the scarf thing was slowing her down so she took it off.

With all that cuteness it is so hard to hang on to my Halloween hate...

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