Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall, I mean Winter, I mean Fall Pictures

Saturday in the park with short sleeves:

Tuesday, in the front yard in snow suits...
Sad to be a snow board on Monday, boys are riding bikes!

That was all within a few days!  Love the prairies, never know what's coming! I am pretty sure winter is now here to stay now.  Boy 2 was quite thrilled to tell me our neighbors had all their Christmas decorations up and in his words, "Dad said, what the beeeep, is it Christmas already??" So the Sunday after Remembrance Day we thought we would put up the Christmas tree to surprise my PHD.  Not necessarily a surprise PHD liked but Boy 2 was hoping he would say the same curse with me as a witness and get him into trouble.  Diabolical. 
This beautiful brother moment lasted for 32 seconds and ended with a head butt.  Still, I caught it on camera so I have proof that they occasionally like each other!  

After we put up the tree, I tackled the new IKEA dresser we had purchased in Edmonton.  When Boy 2 noticed the left-over screws, he said, "Clearly you messed that up."  Clearly more than one thing has gone wrong here and the dresser is the least of my worries!

Anyway, the boys were so into the Christmas spirit they started their Christmas lists.  Boy 1's list was about four pages long, covering every base, from Lego to an iPod touch which I said was too expensive to which he said, "It's okay Santa will make it". Boy 2 got right to the point:

1.  Harry Potter movie
2.  remote control helicopter
3.  lego star wars set
4.  $1000 dollars

Just in case you can't find the first three things, you can just give him $1000 and he's all set.  Brilliant, I thought!

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