Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I Can't Explain

Here's one thing I can't explain:

Why would a person want to ride a bike in hockey shin pads and swimming trunks?

Why would jamming yourself in a box be so hilarious?

Why would you ever say this sentence, "Hey, look, it makes me cry but I can stick my finger right down my throat!" and then do it?

When I asked Boy 2 why he did this:

He said "Cuz I was hot."  I can't explain why a do it yourself haircut would be the first solution to cool a person down.

Why would you climb on a shelf at Dollarama to pee down your pant leg?  Not going to say which boy it was but in his defense, he was only 2 at the time.  I didn't have so much as a Kleenex on me at the time and they don't have public washrooms so all four of us ran away like we stole something.  Sorry to the employee that had to clean that up!

How I can I get stabbed in the foot with a butter knife at the dinner table without it leaving the boy's hand?

Where is the left arm to my office chair?  Everytime I stop typing to think for a minute, I lean to the left and almost fall off.

Why do I have these on my kitchen table?

I don't even want to know where the tenth one is. Boy 2 thinks the explanation is pretty obvious.  If you want to walk around without a shirt but still need mitts on, you can cut the fingers off and still peel an orange. Awesome.

Why would a grown man lick my fridge? SMac obviously has a giant tongue.  No wonder he can't close his mouth when he's chewing gum.

One more, I have spent the last two years wondering what my PHD said to Boy 1 to get these looks of disgust:  (even the dog looks irritated!)

Oh boy, this could go on for days!  This post may be part one of a series!!


Anonymous said...

Love those Spiderman PJs!

Deb said...

He still wears them but now it is more of a belly shirt with capris type outfit!