Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Beautiful Family Moment

I just lost *, in our own house.  Turns out he was in the shower, not truly lost. It was more that I wasn't really paying attention.  When he came out he asked why I left the shower cleaner in the tub.  I said I was going to wash the tub but then I became very busy reading parenting blogs. He said, "You don't need those." I almost teared up, I was so moved. Then, completely unprovoked, he farted at me. 

*Name has been censured to prevent embarrassment of farting party...Maybe I am a good parent.

I would have preferred flowers

Friday, August 2, 2013


This morning Boy 2 asked PHD to carry him upstairs.

PHD:  I am not carrying a 7 year old around.
Boy 2: I am NINE.
PHD:  Oh.

Then they stood there and looked at each other, as though they were unsure who won that round.

The answer, boys, is NO ONE.  No one wins...

Someone is losing his marbles...