About Me

Hello, thanks for coming to my blog! 

Here's what you might need to know if there were a Deb MacFadden quiz: 

1. This is my blog. 

2. MacFuddle is an Irish name meaning clan of clowns.  That will make more sense if you read my blog.

3. I love to write. 

4. I like to do crafty stuff like paper quilling.  I would share instructions about that but unfortunately I find writing instructions about things so incredibly boring that the post would look this: 

Here's how to quill a pretty flower...blah, blah, do some stuff, put that here, boring, where's the remote, focus, this hurts my brain, light me on fire please....zzzz. 

Sorry.  I probably won't write about anything remotely useful.

5. I like to run but not as much as I like to go for coffee with my running friends.  Sometimes we even skip the run and go straight to coffee.  So you probably won't find any useful instructions about running here, either.  See point three for what a post on running would look like on my blog.  Just substitute "Here's how to quill a pretty flower" with "Here's how to run a marathon...blah, blah, boring stuff, kill me now.." See what I mean?  No instructions here for you.  Sorry again.

6. I work part-time in an office.  A blog on that would be point three replacing "Here's how to quill a pretty flower..." with,  zzzzz.   I can't even maintain focus long enough to get a sentence started about my job.  You get the point.  Probably won't write about that much, unless I am having trouble sleeping and need something to make me fall asleep.

7.  Finally and most importantly, I have two perfect* boys called Boy 1, and Boy 2.  Not on their birth certificates, just on the blog.  I am not totally cracked. At least I wasn't before they were born, when I picked their names.  I am also married to a perfect* man I used to call H1, short for Husband 1 until he started looking for W2 then, well you can read that here:  Goodbye H1.  I now call him PHD, short for Plumber, Husband, Dad. 

* by perfect I mean, they give me lots of material for this blog.  Not perfect, like "My kids/husband are so much better than yours, that, in fact, I believe they are perfect."  Not perfect like that.  That would be obnoxious. The family picture my sister took last year(the best we have taken in about 4 years) is a perfect illustration of this little clan of clowns.

I hope my blog makes you laugh, or smile, or at least stop frowning.  I like to set the bar high.