Monday, November 22, 2010

Why don't you eat a bucket of icing and see what happens?

Dear "Experts":

I know your latest research disputes the claim that a child's behaviour is affected by sugar.  However, you were not at my house on Sunday when I found this hidden in Boy 2's laundry basket:

He came out of Time-Out #1 of the day with something white around his mouth.  We had had eggs for breakfast so I assumed that was the mess on his face.  He cleaned his face and carried on.  Most of the morning sounded like, "Zing, Zip, Whee, Boing, Pop!"  Somewhere in the midst of the cartoon-like activities, this happened to Boy 1:

After Time-Out #2, Boy 2 came out of his room with white stuff smeared all around his mouth.  I got closer, "Is that icing?!"  Once I tossed his cell, I mean room, I found that instead of the half a tub of icing I used to have in the fridge,  I now have an empty tub of icing and a WIRED 7 year old.  This lasted for hours.  At one point he got so far away from me, I actually had to search the neighborhood for him.  This ended at 4 pm with the blessed sugar crash.  As you can see, he didn't even get his snow pants off.

So, "Experts", I invite you to care for the child after he has a load of sugar.  If you make it through the day, you will no longer claim "Sugar doesn't cause hyperactive behaviour".  I promise.


Anonymous said...

I concur with the theory that most experts should raise kids & then do the "science". This time of year reminds me of mixing gingerbread house icing & kids PLUS candy!!! Seriously people WHAT was I thinking!?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Deb, your pain is my humor!

Deb said...

Mmm, I love gingerbread!