Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yakima, Edmonton

We went to Edmonton last weekend. The ride to Edmonton sounded like this:

"....punch, punch, punch, Stop it or we are turning the car around...I forgot my phone, turn the car around...punch, punch, punch...I said Stop it!...Don't touch me, I don't want your germs!  (really? You were okay licking the floor of the emergency room bathroom , but Boy 2 germs, no good?)... I have to go to the bathroom...Doesn't the word "Yakima" sound like puking?...yak, yak, yakima...I'm hungry...punch, punch, punch...Stop it, I mean it..."

Just to clarify, it was Boy 1 and Boy 2 punching each other.  Once we got to Edmonton, it started getting fun.

We went rock climbing,

knocked out a few gophers,

went on some rides,

cleaned my change purse out on wishes in the pond,

petted some stingrays,
made friends with a penguin,
hung out with the sea lions,

took home a penguin,

and a stingray,
and that was day one!

Day 2, H1 took the boys to the water park while I shopped.  That worked well for me.  Probably a bit more tiring for H1!

Here's how Boy 2 felt about leaving the water park: (bad pictures but you get the idea)

Day three was IKEA and home! When we stopped for gas on the way home, the boys each got a pack of 6 gumballs.  Boy 1's pack only had five. He was so outraged  by the false advertising, "The pack says 6 but it only has five!!" that he actually returned it to the store.  He is a firm believer in justice.  So, I know Yakima is a city but I believe the word "Yakima" sounds more like a high five, or way to go -  as in Yakima, Boy 1!! Way to go!!

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