Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finger Knitting

On Sunday the boys and I went to Costco.  I know, Costco on a rainy Sunday afternoon -  I am either stupid or insane - depends who you ask.  We had to circle the lot 41 times and say Maryann's parking prayer, "Hail Mary full of grace, help us find a parking space!"  many times.  When we finally got a space we cheered and did the wave in the car. The wave is much more fun with Mickey Mouse hands, I have to say.

The whole production reminded me of the day H1 decided to come with me to pick up the boys from the after-school program so we could all go to Costco together.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Anyway, he offered to go inside to collect the boys, probably thinking it was still like when they were little, little boys and they would come running to see you, all cute and delighted.  I opened a book and started reading in the car.  About 10 minutes later he comes out with Boy 2.  They hop in the car and start buckling up.  I say, "Where's the other one?"  After a what do you mean, isn't he here and a curse or 2, H1 heads back into the school to collect Boy 1. Ten minutes later, they get in the car.  I say, "Where were you Boy 1?"  He says, as though I haven't been paying attention and should have known, "I was finger-knitting."  Of course, that's what I should have guessed, even though I didn't know there was such a thing, or that it was something a 9 year-old boy would like.  

We carry on to Costco.  Each boy was soooo tired that they each needed a cart.  Boy 1 is being pushed by H1 through the produce cooler when he says, "Jesus Christ it's cold in here."  I couldn't believe my ears and I must have been a bit slow that day because I say, "What?" so he screams "Jesus Christ it's cold in here!"  All 312 people in the produce department stop shopping and look at the cursing kid then at the mother of the cursing kid.  I respond appropriately by laughing hysterically.  I did consider pushing my cart with the non-cursing boy away like I wasn't with the sailor mouthed boy but instead I stayed and told him, "You can't say that, Boy 1, it's a swear."  We did the whole "No, it's not!"  "Yes, it is."  for a few rounds until I say, "Fine, say it to your teacher and I will meet you in your principal's office to discuss."    

So, the point is, if anyone needs a scarf, I can have one custom finger-knitted for you, for a price...

(If you are really tall or have a really big neck, maybe we could try finger-knitting on the Mickey Mouse fingers and see how that works for you.  We'd probably charge more for that.)

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