Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spiderman turns 7 and practicing gratitude!

Happy Birthday Boy 2!  

When Boy 2 first started Kindergarten two years ago, he got a new pair of Spiderman pjs.  He wanted to wear them to daycare.  I told him he couldn't because he would be going to school in the afternoon so he needed to wear clothes.  I should have known something was up because he chirped, "Okay",  happily ran to his room, got dressed and was ready to go, without argument.  Of course, I told him how pleased I was, what a nice morning with no fighting, blah, blah, blah.   When I picked him up from daycare at the end of the day, he was wearing the spidey pjs.  I said, "Where did those come from?"  He said, "Under my clothes."  I thought, okay, that's pretty clever, way to put one over on mom, sneaking out with the pjs under the clothes.  Then I noticed something crusty in his hair.  Apparently he had taken the spiderman toothpaste from the bathroom and hidden it in his backpack.  I noticed it was missing a week or so before and just assumed it had been used up.  Anyway, the first story I got was that he got on the bus after kindergarten, took his clothes off to show off the pjs then proceeded to run up and down the bus aisle squirting the toothpaste as though it were spiderwebs.  Turns out bus drivers don't like that.  Warning 1.  The next day, when I pick up Boy 1, I find out that the pjs weren't actually under Boy 2's clothes, they were in his backpack.  That's right - he actually changed on the bus.  Kids were approaching Boy 1 all day - "Your brother was naked on the bus!!" 

I am grateful that he is an interesting and creative child.  I am also grateful that he was wearing underwear that day.

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