Tuesday, October 19, 2010

H1 Birthday and Superheroes

Happy Birthday H1! His birthday is actually October 14 but I am dragging out the joyous occasion as long as possible.  He was not as excited about his birthday as Boy 2 was about his own the day before.   Boy 1 didn't help matters when he sat beside dad on the couch on the morning of the big day and told him, "It sounds like there's a creaky old door inside your body."  Awesome - just what you want to hear on your birthday!

One piece of advice if you want to fit in with the young kids, H1, - cut back on the Facebook posts like this one:
this site is ridiculous . cant navigate my way around. i ended up deleting a bunch of stuff , including my friends list. sorry about . not on here much.
Don't worry H1, you haven't changed a bit since I met you.  Maybe I will call you Superman instead of H1. 
Oddly enough, as I was giggling over this post, my friend Carlene sent me this video http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7398253/.  She and her brother Bob are famous food bloggers: http://www.bsinthekitchen.com/.
Superheroes seem to be a theme at the MacFuddle house, lately.

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