Monday, October 25, 2010

London Drugs

Last night, we ran out of Advil so H1 offered to take both boys to London Drugs.  At London Drugs, he  left them in the candy aisle while he went to get the Advil.  Here's my illustration of what he returned to (excuse my limited drawing skills!):

They were chit chatting away like nothing unusual was going on.  Boy 1's story is this:  

"I went to check out the board games and when I came back Boy 2 was holding up a shelf of chocolate bars and he had one in his mouth!"  

So, Boy 1 grabs onto the shelf and settles in.  When H1 finds them this way, he  takes the shelf so they can let go, and the two boys take off.(Whew - relief - let's go look at computer games!)  Now H1 is stuck holding the shelf. I'm not sure how long he did that until he either dropped it or conned some other poor sucker into holding the shelf (you touched it last!), but I am pleased to tell you Boy 2 let me in on the secret of what I am getting for my birthday.  He says it is an iPad but I suspect it is a London Drugs shelf of damaged chocolate bars. 

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