Monday, October 11, 2010

Our First Half Marathon AKA the day I lost Boy 2

Back in April my running group ran our first 1/2 marathon.   I didn't post a report because I didn't have a blog then.  I recently came across Boy 1's cartoon about the event.  It tells the story best:

Yup - we were all on the third floor enjoying a post-run burger and in the 15 seconds that I had my eyes off him, Boy 2 wandered off, down the elevator and climbed a pillar in front of the Bess, where he balanced until we found him. The event was sponsored by the City Police so I kept thinking, I am in a room full of cops and I can't find my kid.  I don't understand the thought, either, but it seemed almost meaningful.  We did a re-enactment recently.  Boy 2 stood on the pillar at the scene of the crime.  He is lucky he is cute.

And here is Page 2 of Boy 1's cartoon.  It seems like losing his brother wasn't that big a deal...

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