Thursday, October 7, 2010

Biting Monkeys

Last night Boy 2 wanted me to take him to his dark bedroom to turn the light on for him.  He was trying to make out a dark shape on the floor.  I immediately recognized the shape to be dirty laundry.  I had to turn on the light for him to come to the same realization.  His breath shot out of his little body and he said, "OOh, I thought that was a little dog, or maybe a biting monkey.  Nuthin' scares me like a biting monkey..."  I love the six year old boy mind where a pair of underwear can be a biting monkey. Anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Part Time office worker!
I love the blog! MA shared with me! from CI

Mrs. MacFuddle said...

Thank you CI! I have to record the moments äs they happen or I forget them by the next day!