Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cake Pops

My running friend Michelle offered to take the boys to a movie one afternoon so I could go shopping.  The boys took along the non-toxic stress balls they got in their Christmas stockings. I guess that's in case they needed to work through a troubling issue while they were waiting for the movie to start.  Part way through the movie Michelle hears an "Uh oh" and looks over to Boy 2 who is enveloped in a cloud of flour.  I guess non-toxic means filled with flour.  There is flour on the boys, on the floor, on the seats, in Michelle's purse.  She is a smart lady so she encourages the boys to get ready to bolt before the lights go up.  In the lobby she and Boy 2 are congratulating each other on the quick get-away when Boy 1 says, "Uh, Michelle, you have flour all over your jacket."  Not such a smooth get-away, after all.
I  have been obsessed with  Bakerella ever since that day, for some reason.  So, I tried to make her cake pops.  I think that little exercise got me over the obsession.  I will have to keep looking for my special gift - it obviously isn't cake pops.  Cake pops take forever...

A bit lumpy but not bad...

Maybe I can cover the lumps with markers or more sugar...

A little assistance from Boy 1 and the magic Flower Frog

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the largest tongue of them all?


I can't even work edible markers, it seems! The cake pops are very tasty, though!  I put some in the freezer so we wouldn't eat them all at once.

We went skating at the Meewasin Rink to try and burn some off some of the cake pop calories.  Beautiful rink! You can see the river behind PHD who is yelling, "Get back here, Mom wants to take a picture!"

Boy 2 mood, not so beautiful:

Recovering momentarily with the discovery of large chunks of snowy heaven and the removal of the helmets:

And, of course, all is well with Boy 1 as long as he has a book:

Might as well have a quick bike ride when we get home. Yes, a bike ride...

Later that night....

Boy 2 found cake pops in the freezer.  The end result was him sick from 12 - 2 am.  Thanks a lot, Bakerella.

Michelle, are you beginning to understand why I am so twitchy???

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