Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Boy

At this moment, I am pretending to sternly glare through the office window at 10 ten year old boys who are supposed to be sleeping.  I am also throwing occasional empty threats out at one 11 year old boy. As of midnight, Boy 1 is eleven.  Seems like a week ago he hit double digits. I think it is important to point out that time isn't flying by for me because I am old, it is because I have had a lot of interesting experiences in the past year.  I read a study about perception of time, or maybe it was something I saw on on an infomercial. Probably still legit, though.  

I do, however, notice about a year's worth of development in Boy 1's ability to communicate sarcasm and or disdain for his mother.  Today, or, I guess, yesterday, now, Boy 1 came to the bank with me.  As I stood in line, I realized I hadn't totaled the deposit book for the teller.  I frantically tried to manually add the two numbers before we got the front of the line.   When the teller finally confirmed that my total was correct, I felt like I had won some kind of mathy award. Grinning, I said to Boy 1, "Ha, I got it right, high five, Me."  He says in his best, I am almost a teenager and therefore exponentially smarter than you already, and also slightly bored with you, voice, "You mean clap?"  Yes, I suppose that's what a high five to myself would be.  Doesn't sound nearly as fun though and now I feel dumb instead of funny.  

So I am going to wake him and all his friends up at 6 am with a series of loud, slow high-fives to me.  I deserve it.

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Post Parents of a Brain Surgeon :) said...

Soon to embark on his Master's and the onto medical residency to being a brain surgeon ...after all as a teenager he will so SO MUCH SMARTER than you could ever be :)