Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boy 1 hits double digits

Ten years old.  That means the celebration needs to be 10 days long, it seems.  Presents galore,

sleepover, cake pops to bring to school,

another party Saturday.  Then, to top it all off, his basketball team gets to play at half-time at the Husky basketball game.  Does it get better than that??

In honour of his 10 years on the planet, he gets a bit of a retrospective. Boy 1 was born February 5, 2001.  You may remember 2001 as being the first year that maternity leave was a full year.  I spent December of 2000 worrying that he would be premature.  He wasn't.  He was very obedient, even in the womb.  Cutest baby ever:
His birth also marked the last year I got any sleep.  (I miss you 2001!)

Cheerful nature like Mom

Unless you are being irritating - PHD
he's a terrific big brother, once he stopped denying he had a brother - shortly after this picture

We rewarded him for his agreeable nature by dressing him up and taking embarrassing pictures

Boy 1 is still a lovely boy.  He is curious, kind, thoughtful and funny.  He has always been really good at reading, building and fixing things.  When I can't figure out how to work something electronic, he is my go-to guy.  All he needs to learn is to put his dirty clothes in the hamper to be a perfect husband some day! 

He also helps me with my PHD training.  (ha, did that amuse anyone else?) When I went to San Francisco for a four day girls' trip, and called home on day 2,  Boy 1 informed me that he had a stomach ache, probably from unhealthy food, because they had not yet eaten a meal at home.  (that's six meals out, not that I am counting.)  He then told PHD that 1. he didn't feel safe when Mom was away, and 2. the house is never this messy when Mom is home.  Gotta love that kid!  

Hope every birthday is as happy as the first!


Anonymous said...

Awe....great blog Deb!!!

Anonymous said...

Why can't they stay so small and cute! Thanks for sharing!

Deb said...

They can't stay so small because mothers would drop dead od exhaustion! Nature makes 'em cute so you are motivated to take care of them!