Sunday, February 20, 2011

Singing like a canary or screaming like a panic button

When he isn't hiding, Boy 2 is currently either whistling like a little bird or clapping his hands. All the time. I yearn for silence.  At first I ignored him.  Then at about Day 3,  a particularly sharp whistle/clap combo broke through my irritation barrier.  No small feat, I might add.   This was the conversation at our house yesterday:

Boy 1, "Wouldn't it be funny if when you hit (whistle) the panic button on Dad's truck, instead of beeping, a girl (clap, clap, clappety, clap) started screaming?  You know, like she's panicking? (whistle, clap)"

Me: "Stop it, Boy 2, your brother is trying to talk, you are interrupting."

PHD: "Bahahaha, that would be (whistle) hilarious. (clap, whistle)  I should see if I can get one custom made."

At this point Boy 2 looks me in the eye, smirks, and gives one more good clap.  He prefers the clap to the whistle because he can't give me his little, "I know I am driving you crazy"  grin while he whistles.  Am I the only one that can hear this?  I am pretty sure this is happening but no one but me notices. If I can still consider the possibility that I may be losing my mind, I am still sane, right?  RIGHT?  Meanwhile, Boy 1 and PHD are still discussing the custom design of the reality panic button.

I tried a few things to resolve the issue.  I tried feeding him peanut butter and crackers.  He got full. I got him to put on his iPod. He started clapping. I sent him swimming with PHD.  I still think I can hear whistling.  Could he be hiding somewhere in the house? He probably recorded himself somehow. 

As we are just heading into a full week of no school, and my irritation barrier is already defunct, I fear I may soon be the real-life voice  of the panic button, "Aaaaahhhhhhstopitstopitstopit!!!!"

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