Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Day at the House of Insanity

Sunday was Art Day at our house.  Boy 2 got really excited telling me, "Remember the time I got my hair cut and I kept the hair in an envelope?  I'm going to use that to make a pool. Can I use one of your frames?"   I told him he was wonderfully creative then  forgot about it, thinking it was chatter in the same category as, "What if we pooped out party hats then wore them?" or "What if the yard was made of cake?  Would we say, 'Yuck that tastes like cake'?"   

Next thing I know, Boy 2 comes into the kitchen with his bangs missing.  He wanted more hair, for his pool, I guess, I didn't think to ask. (As I type this, it strikes me that this may be a bit weird.  Do other kids cut off their own hair for art projects?)  Anywho, when I realized his bangs were missing, naturally, I said,  "What scissors did you use?"  Not sure why that was important, just making conversation, I guess.  He said he used the nail scissors in the bathroom closet.  So I told him, "Dad uses those to cut his nose hairs, you know." PHD got really offended, "I do not!" So I told PHD, in my best stage whisper, as though the child lost his hearing along with his bangs, "Shh, I am trying to gross him out.  I don't want him doing that anymore."  That's all I got.  I have nothing else in my parenting bag of tricks to try to keep my child from cutting his own hair off.  

I think Boy 2 sensed he had beaten me to the point of utter insanity and felt sorry for me so he made this for me:

I said, "Oh, I love it! It's like the little man is falling in love!"  Boy 1 said, "That's very symbolic."  Yes, it is symbolic.  I don't think I understood the concept of symbolism until my first year of university.  They are both geniuses!! Sometimes brilliance looks a bit crazy...Maybe it is a house of genius, not insanity!

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a family of very smart creative people!