Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do I what?

"Do you smoke marijuana?" 

One little random question from Boy 1 caused a volcanic reaction in my brain.  In the course of 2 seconds my brain produced a series of brilliant gems, "Why do I seem stoned?/Well, everyone experiments in University-KIDDING-not me. I didn't have any fun in University at all, not that pot is fun/Does he know marijuana is called pot?/ I am probably supposed to teach him something here. What would MADD tell me to say - no MADD is against drinking and driving, not pot. They would be called MAP or MAM.  Not as catchy/FOCUS - BUY SOME TIME!!!" All the while big brown eyes staring me down, waiting patiently for an answer.

What I said was, "Do you smoke marijuana?" Clever, right? Repeat the question back to get another second and figure out what a good mother might say. I follow up with, "NO!" 

Big unblinking brown eyes, still staring at me, "You don't smoke it?"  I think, "Jeez, kid, are you going to be a cop when you grow up?  Should I call a laywer?" when I look at the TV and realize there is a news story on addictions and the video is of cigarette butts on the ground.  He wanted to know if the butts on the ground were marijuana, not if his mother had a drug problem.  Wow, I took the long way around on that one.

So I said, "Yes, pot is smoked. But it is even more unhealthy than cigarettes."  The End. Good thing I bought myself all that time to come up with that brilliant answer.

Are you ever amazed that I am allowed to be in charge of two children?  I am.

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