Monday, August 1, 2011

Now where did that go?

Yesterday the boys were wrestling on the bed in the spare room, the room also known as the snoritarium.  Boy 1 fell and hit his shoulder on the fireplace insert we are using as a night table.  Long boring story about how we came to be using a fireplace as a night table.  Short version - me mad at PHD.  I get new fireplace in living room.  Anyway, I hear a worried, "Mooom" out of Boy 2, which is unusual. The worried part, not the "Mooom" part.  I hear /ignore "Mom" about 7,000 times a day.  I go into the room to see Boy 1 yelling, the top half of his body flopped over the edge of the bed, his hair mashing a chewed up piece of Bubble Yum into the carpet.  It took a while to figure out that hitting his shoulder on the corner of the fireplace was what caused the mayhem. Once I convinced him that he wasn't dying, I left and Boy 2 took over as the medical expert. Boy 1 would twist around to try to look at the injury, pulling the injured right shoulder blade forward, and sticking out the other shoulder blade. Naturally Boy 2 determined, "His shoulder's half disappeared!!"  More panic ensues until PHD says, "Bend your right arm."  Shoulder pops back out. Whew, the shoulder was just hiding, not "disappeared".

It seems we won't have any doctors in our family...

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