Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mouse Update

Last week we met Fuzzy McSmally McCheezy . Everyone keeps asking, "How's the mouse?" so a brief update is in order.

When PHD came home to meet the mouse that night, it was agreed that Fuzzy should be released into the wild where he would live a happy mouse existence away from my house.  I also was worried about what would happen to the child's psyche when the mouse met his inevitable demise.  So, Boy 2 fed Fuzzy some grated cheese to sustain him on his journey and took him to the park.  Our conversation upon his return went like this:

Me:  Did you let him go?

Boy 2:  Yup.  I think he was half dead anyway.

Me (surprised): Oh!  Why do you think that?

Boy 2 (annoyed with Fuzzy):  Well when he got off the merry-go-around he layed on his back for a while then just ran into the bushes.

Poor Dizzy Fuzzy...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Seriously I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! :) Oh Boy1 & especially Boy2..... what to say?!?!?

Deb said...

I said, "Oh". Nothing else to say...except maybe, "Mice probably don't like merry-go-rounds" - you know, for future reference?!? Or, "Next time you catch a mouse maybe only put him on the swing or slide?" I am not equipped for this situation.