Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don't Pet That Dog

It has been a strange few days.  My favorite  part was when PHD went to pick up the kids from school on Wednesday.  I don't like to go inside the school where principals and teachers tend to grab you to just mention "one small thing" that your child has been doing, probably because you are a terrible parent. PHD's approach is to go right on in and pretend he's back in elementary school minus the ever present threat of expulsion he was under when he actually was a student.  To each his own.  It takes all kinds. He's nutty.  Whatever.  On this day, 
he got to experience the principal telling the kids that a coyote had been spotted so they were to head straight home. 

PHD:  Why do you think the kids needed to go straight home?  What if they veered off a bit? 
Me:  It is a well-documented fact that coyotes only eat children that zig-zag.  (Now I am writing the story in my blog so that the fact that coyotes only eat zig-zaggers is actually documented and I am not a liar.)  
Boy 2:  Oh, that was a coyote? We thought that was a dog we were watching outside the window during math class.

Days later I am still finding this hysterically funny for some twisted reason. Maybe because I can still picture all the innocent city kids chasing the poor coyote, "Here puppy!" around the schoolyard.  Maybe they need more nature. 

However funny I am finding this visual, I do want the children to be safe.  This is actually a public service announcement. Kids: don't pet strange dogs, go straight home after school and don't believe everything you read on the internet.  It could be written by someone like me.  

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