Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nightmare, Project Share

Hmmm, I just found this draft post from last June. There is probably something horribly wrong with it but I can't tell what that might be now, so here goes!

Boy 1 told me he had had a nightmare the night before.  Boy 2 asked him, "Which one?" like he had rented a movie, or something. Maybe he thinks everyone has the same nightmares.  I didn't explore this thought further as I was distracted by the conversation we had just had:

Boy 2:  I have to do Project Share tomorrow. 
Me:  You just did it today and you have to go again tomorrow??
Boy 2:  Yup, Last person of the month gets to start the next month.
Me:  Oh.
Boy 1:  I had a nightmare last night.
Boy 2: Which one?

That may be repetitive.  The point is that the Grade 3 class does a show and tell every morning and each student gets a turn once a month. And it is a horror show for the parents.  Well, probably not the good parents, just for me. 

My thought:  "S*!T, now we are going to fight for another hour tonight so we can get up early and freak out for another hour tomorrow getting that done.", triggered a panic attack, and also meant I couldn't invest much energy or curiosity into the nightmare theories of Boy 2.

He was unusually compliant, blew out a Project Share in 15 minutes and went on with his day.  Full of surprises that child.

The next morning the teacher tells me, all proud, "Boy 2 (She actually calls him by his real name, though, in case you were wondering) volunteered to do Project Share today!" 

Hmmmm, did he now?  When we got home I asked him what really happened. He blushed furiously and said, "I didn't hear what she asked so I put my hand up in case it was something good.  It wasn't."

There is probably an important lesson there about attention to detail, accepting the consequence of your actions or something.  What I want to know is: Is it possible everyone has the same nightmares?  That the people that make nightmares are lazy and keep recycling the same dreams over and over?  

That would explain why Project Share is monthly. Nightmares are recycled.

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