Monday, September 26, 2011

Well Played Boy 2, Well Played

This was the conversation in the backseat of my car after Boy 1 solved his friend L's riddle too quickly for Boy 2 to have a guess. Boy 2 started getting angry and Master Mediator L stepped in:

L:  It's okay, here's another one for you, what flies but doesn't have wings?
Boy 2: A flying lizard!
L: No...well...yes...but that's not it.
Boy 2: (rapid-fire now, no one is getting a word in until he solves this baby) My farts.
L: no...well...maybe but keep guessing. (I love this friend, he is so patient with Boy 2.)
Boy 2: Superman.
L: Umm, yeah(starting to frown) but that's not it either. It starts with a t---
Boy 2: (even faster) pterodactyl-tree-ten-gurgantulolo
L: no, no, no and is that even a word? It starts with t, not g, - It has to do with a clock
Boy 2: A watch with no arms!
L: What?

So, to summarize, a watch with no arms sure flies when you are having fun. And, I think if you can frustrate the riddle teller into quitting, you win, whether you solve the riddle or not.

Gurgantulolo. (let's pretend it means "you win, goodbye")

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