Thursday, June 2, 2011

Extreme Makeover

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in a while - we were so busy for the last month or so, we didn't even have time to get the boys haircuts.  That, and they were both trying to grow their hair out.  Not like Justin Beiber, he's dumb.  More like Ron in Harry Potter, he's so not dumb.  I guess.  After the first outdoor swim of the year, Boy 2 declared, "I need a haircut.  My sidebangs are poking in my ears.  I don't like it."

I kind of like the Ace Ventura side sweep

Concerned he might take matters into his own hands, I got him to the hairdresser immediately.  Never one to do things half way, he declared to the stylist, "I need a buzzcut".  Five minutes later, here he is:

Now you can see the nice bruise down the middle of his forehead
 When Boy 1 came in the house with his newly shorn brother, PHD wanted to know who new kid was.  I made fun of PHD for a while then an hour later lost Boy 2 on the soccer field.  I was looking right at him, I just didn't recognize him.  You would think "sidebangs" were poking me between the ears.  Something's not working right.


Svjetlana said...
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Svjetlana said...

I wrote a comment and then removed it in it is again:

You skipped the whole month of May and left us, loyal followers, unhappy..No, not complaining; just saying..:)

Deb said...

Dear Loyal Followers:

So sorry, I will try to make it up to you through June & July!


Chris Olson said...

the ace ventura hair almost makes up for the lack of posts... almost...

Chris Olson said...

oh, and did I mention that I was showing your posts to my students? hee hee.... we needed a break, and they loved it (all moms of course!). can i give them the link? they ask me all the time if there any new blogs they can see!

Deb said...

Of course you can give them the link! Maybe one would start following my blog and I would have a fan that doesn't actually know me!